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Beck Total Office Interiors had the privilege to partner with Oglesby Design, LLC to provide furnishings solutions that enhance productivity, encourage collaboration and provide flexibility.


Beck TOI continually helps us to create innovative solutions for the many facets of work styles and environments that play a key role in the creativity, productivity, and functionality of the clientele we serve. Canyon Place, a new corporate office building for the Global Engineering Department of OtterBox, was no exception. At project conception, Beck provided us with a toolkit of ideas based on our client’s needs and requirements, and then elevated them to a new, exciting, and creative level. They paid special attention to the level of detail we demand and the quality of product and services that go hand-in-hand with the excellence of the building.

Beck TOI was an active team player between us and the contractor, making site visits as necessary to prepare for the final install. During installation, they orchestrated a clean and systematic approach with the contractor while other trades were overlapped in the final stages of building completion. Beck took the initial furniture and design concepts and executed them flawlessly. Without their attention to detail and high expectations, the project would not have been a success.

Beck TOI’s operations and project management has helped to make them a valued partner to Blue Ocean Enterprises, our clients, and project teams. They have allowed us to focus more on what we do best by enabling us to quickly adapt to the needs of an ever changing tech-company. Canyon Place is a gem to the city of Fort Collins, in large part to the unique, playful, and innovative furniture that is in the building, reflective of Otter’s culture itself.”

Laura Arledge, LEED AP
Lead Interior Designer
Blue Ocean Enterprises, Inc

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