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cnm max salazar


Max Salazar is an existing 5-story, 90,000 square foot classroom building located on the Main Campus of Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque. This 25-year-old building went through an extensive renovation and was completed in early 2020.

In keeping with the CNM Campus as a Living Lab mission, the project offered the opportunity to celebrate a typically undynamic program and make it a featured architectural expression along an active pedestrian path on campus.

The Beck TOI team opportunely partnered with CNM facilities and The Hartman + Majewski Design Group on furnishing this magnificently renovated building. Careful consideration of product and finish selections resulted in a forward-thinking and progressive outcome for this one of a kind learning facility. The furnishings provided include classroom and administrative seating, and dozens of collaborative agility spaces throughout the building, all in an effort to provide functional and user-friendly areas for students and faculty to thrive in this educational setting.


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