Over thirty years ago, National was created to be a differentiator in a saturated marketplace by offering quality office furniture at a better value and with shorter lead times. National delivers on these two fundamentals and are the foundation of the exceptional value we provide today to the contract furniture industry.

Quality, reliability, safety, style, sustainability, productivity and affordability aren’t just buzz words, they are priorities that we promise to deliver to all our customers, partners, neighbors, the environment and our employees. We start with the end in mind: a better tomorrow; and then we wrap our goals and the path to achieve these goals with social, environmental and fiscal stewardship.

Through our parent company and global leader in electronics and furniture manufacturing, Kimball International, Inc., we’re fortunate for the strong foundation they provide in corporate social responsibility and financial acumen as well as the freedom to let our personality shine in our own way.

Stylish, affordable solutions unlock the door, and our people and performance swing it wide open with Furniture with Personality®. Furniture with Personality comes from the energy, vibrancy and insightfulness of the people at National. We’re in the business of building strong relationships and being easy to do business with.

In an industry where there are literally thousands of office furniture choices, the National experience is the differentiator. Our products and their performance regarding quality, reliability and sustainable attributes are second to none confirmed by our on-time delivery, durability testing and level® 3 certification. However, nothing speaks more clearly to our commitment to creating an extraordinary experience than a repeat customer.

moving forward with the evolution of spaces…

Innovative, inspiring product introductions, progressive operations and a caring culture keep moving us forward as workplace, educational and healthcare spaces continuously evolve. Our rich wood heritage and craftsmanship remains, while new products and materials integrate our product portfolio, satisfying the marketplace’s thirst for lighter scale, open accommodations throughout all industries. Sustainability and social responsibility are constant commitments today and forever. Working towards zero-waste operations, life cycle assessments, chemicals of concern identification and elimination, and energy evaluations are just a few examples of our determination to reduce our environmental footprint. Moving forward isn’t just about being a successful company; it’s about how you go about achieving this success, such as being a good corporate neighbor and doing our part and sharing our experiences to create a better tomorrow that will have the biggest impact.

Featured Product: National Fringe

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National has products that fit nearly every office environment and work well in multiple industries.

Educational Institutions, including higher education (colleges, universities, trade schools, etc.), primary and secondary education facilities, can easily fulfill furniture needs with National furniture solutions. National works well in various educational settings, such as: Classrooms, Lounge Areas, Administrative Offices, Lunch Rooms and Break Rooms.

Financial Institutions are a great match for National desks, filing and storage, conferencing and seating solutions. National’s stylish office furniture works well in Regional Bank Branches, Real Estate Offices, Insurance Agencies, Savings and Loan Offices, and Credit Unions. Lobbies, Private Offices, Administrative Areas in open spaces and Conference Rooms can all be outfitted with National products to obtain a quality solution with a professional image.

The Healthcare Industry utilizes National products for Doctor, Administrative and Managerial Offices, Nurses Stations, Waiting Rooms, and Lounge Areas. National has negotiated competitive pricing agreements with several Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) for the Healthcare Industry.

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we strive to provide the best value and service in the office furniture industry

Serving the Southwest since 1983, we specialize in developing functional, productive, and beautiful workplace environments tailored to each client’s unique requirements. We are focused on finding the best product solutions and delivering superior value.
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