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Beck TOI offers an innovative and value minded system furniture line through our partner Reconditioned Systems, Inc. RSI manufactures high quality, environmentally friendly commercial modular office furniture using a combination of new parts and repurposed content. Echo is an environmentally friendly office furniture system with an average of 70% recycled content, consisting primarily of parts originally manufactured by Haworth, Inc.™ and fabrics milled from recycled fabrics and plastics. This use of recycled materials reduces landfill waste by over 1,000 tons every year. It is a high quality and affordable alternative.

Echo Systems offers flexible and functional workstation designs suitable for nearly every office solution. Echo is a high-quality, environmentally friendly panel system built to last and backed by a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, Echo is OEM compatible with Haworth Unigroup panel systems. Echo can be used alone or added on to existing Echo or Haworth Unigroup workstations, making it extremely adaptive to changing needs. Echo offers a durable, sustainable furniture option at an affordable price.

Echo Systems offers fabric and glass panels options in a multitude of sizes and heights, along with a vast selection of work surfaces, components and accessories. Echo is available in over 128 fabrics, 18 laminates and 4 paint colors, creating endless configuration and design options.


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The Echo System is the perfect blend of style and functionality to enhance workflow and productivity while providing a beautiful work environment. View Echo links and resources:

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